James Bond 007 Files










Game play:



*** out of ****



Once again, this is a bond game not made from  movie.  As such, it suffers from a weak plot, and unmemorable characters. In addition, most of the levels are boring and very difficult for amateur gamers. However, there are a select few levels that break this trend and are very fun. The plot here was typical. An eccentric billionaire attempting to become famous or exact revenge on the country that shunned him. Not really any interesting characters, other than the typical "thought he died but he comes back anyway in the last level" thug.


     The multiplayer in this game is superb. If nothing else, buy Nightfire for the multiplayer mode. Not only are the levels and characters you can choose from awesome, but you can even do it by yourself with computer controlled bots. It's worth it to check the multiplayer out in this game.


     In the grand scheme of things, Nightfire doesn't compare to the previous game, "agent under fire" in terms of campaign mode, but with the multiplayer it has to offer,  you don't even have to do campaign to enjoy it.