James Bond 007 Files


Agent Under Fire







Game play:



*** out of ****


The first Bond game not made from a movie is one of the best. The graphics are all right for the system, and the levels are awesome. The plot is the weakest point here. Bond investigates a mysterious laboratory and ends up battling assassins and clones, zooming through underwater tunnels, and facing off against muscle man Nigel Bloch in order to uncover the mystery behind Malprave Industries. Nice action, but I did not find the overall plot that good. Some of the twists seem thrown in at the last minute, such as the introduction of a clone agent who bond believes is the real agent and spends half of the first level saving, only to have her die in level 3… phew.


      On the subject of action, the weapons are good as well. The tripwire bombs are great in multiplayer, and the Q laser, grapple hook etc are innovative and fun to use. The multiplayer levels in this game is somewhat lacking. Unlike the following game, Night Fire, this game requires two controllers to play. It is a shame too, as some of the locations and gadgets are very interesting.


      On a whole, I would recommend this game to both amateurs and veteran gamers alike. It was entertaining, with many enjoyable extras. Keep your eye out for golden 007s. If you collect them all, you get an upgrade.